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Alergic in the News

Page history last edited by Sydney 14 years, 4 months ago

Geoffrey Miller, now at Univ of New Mexico but formerly with the EASy group at Sussex 1992-94, had his paper in Evolution and Human Behavior on why lap dancers earn more when they are fertile commented on in many press articles including the Economist of 11 Oct 2007


Rachel Wood (CCNR) had her work using Evolutionary Robotics techniques to recreate a version of the A-not-B-error seen in infant development covered in the New Scientist of 5 Oct 2007


Fernando Almeida E Costa (CCNR) survived being the Main Organiser of the successful ECAL2007 Eur Conf on Artificial Life, Lisbon 10-14 Sep 2007.


5 of the Workshops at ECAL2007 plus 1 Tutorial were co-organised by current/former Alergic people from Sussex:

Complex Adaptive Economic Systems Seth Bullock, Dave Cliff, et al

Dynamical Approaches to Development: beyond the metaphor Rachel Wood et al

The Emergence of Social Behaviour: from cooperation to language Julien Hubert, et al

Dynamics of Learning Behavior and Neuromodulation Eldan Goldenberg, Eduardo Izquierdo-Torres, Chris Buckley, Seth Bullock, Andrew Philippides

Extending the Darwinian Framework: new levels of selection and inheritance Alexandra Penn, Hywel Williams, Crisantha Fernando

Daisyworld. Exploring the mechanisms of planetary homeostasis (DEMPH) Tutorial James Dyke


In Lisbon prior to ECAL2007, 8-9 Sep 2007, a Workshop on Daisyworld and the Maximum Entropy Production Principle: Computational Modelling of the Earth/Life System: Homeostasis and the Selection of Steady States, was organised by James Dyke and Inman Harvey


Allister Furey (CCNR) had his work using Evolutionary Robotics techniques to design a controller for kite flying -- with the ultimate aim of windpower generation through kites -- covered in the New Scientist of 8 Sep 2007


The Organising Commitee of ALIFE XI, in Winchester UK 5-8 Aug 2008, comprises ex-Sussex Alergic members Seth Bullock, Jason Noble and Richard Watson.


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