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Alergic-NAME Practice Talks July 2008

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Alergic-NAME Practice Talks July 2008

Dry runs for talks to be presented at ALife XI or other conferences.


Timetable, at 3 talks (30 mins incl Qns) per session -- everyone has confirmed as below.

Full announcements will be sent out for each session


Wed 9th July    Alergic in ARUN-401

Inman Harvey 'Misrepresentations' 

Santosh Manicka 'Psychoanalysis' 

Greg Studer 'Modularity' 



Wed 16th July   NAME/Alergic in ARUN-401

Nathaniel Virgo 'Reaction-Diffusion'

James Dyke 'MaxEnt' 

Nathaniel Virgo 'Pask's Ear' 



Wed 23rd July   Alergic in ENG1-AS02

Francis Jeanson 'Async CA' 

Jamie Matthews 'Cultures'

Oliver Winks 'Critical Periods'


Thu 24th July  Alergic in ENG1-AS02 -- EXTRA SESSION, NB Thu

Anil Seth 'Measuring emergence via nonlinear Granger causality'

Eduardo Izquierdo 'Analysis of a DRNN ...: Walking and Chemotaxis'

Inman Harvey 'Homeostasis Chaos'


Tue 29th July    NAME/Alergic in ENG1-AS02

**NB this is Tue 29th July to avoid clashing with EPIROB that starts on Wed**

Ben Blundell 'Autocatalysis'  

Lionel Barnett 'Evolvability'

Edgar Bermudez Contreras 'Movement strategies for learning in visual recognition'



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