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traditional high blood pressure medications

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Traditional High Blood Pressure Medications

Ace Maxs Traditional Medicines High Blood is the latest health products produced by PT. H2O is processed through a series of processes of modern technology and controlled by the skilled hands of disciplines, such as nutrition, health and food-beverage technology, very precisely into herbal product choices for your health and family. Ace Maxs made from a blend of mangosteen peel extract and soursop leaves, Ace Maxs regular consumption can help prevent and treat various types of diseases including: cancer, heart disease, diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure, liver, lungs and other chronic diseases as a whole safe with no side effects.

Skin Mangosteen Xanthones compounds that contain a lot of benefits such as strengthening the walls of blood vessels and reduce inflammation that can lead to high blood pressure is getting worse, due to the nature of the substance itself as an anti-inflammatory Xanthones. Xanthones also supports the body's immune system, endocrine system and digestive tract. So that the body more energy and not susceptible to disease. Mangosteen peel also contains potassium which can help lower blood pressure.

Soursop leaves contain substances capable acetogeninns to weaken the cell would also harmful substances to the body like substances cause blood vessel constriction. In addition soursop leaves also proven to be very effective in treating various types of cancer, even 10,000 times more potent in terms of menghabat and eradicate cancer cell growth when compared with chemotherapy. Actually in our traditional medicine, soursop is in fact not a new thing. Because since the first generation to generation people often consume the leaves and fruit soursop as restructuring in the body.


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